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Hello, my name is Oscar. I am an all in one, plug and play home cinema machine and much more:
- I am easy and ready to use
- I am compact and light. I arrive at your home completely wired and programmed, but you can also integrate me with your multimedia home automation system
- I am 120” cinema with an ultrashort-throw projector (we can choose together the model you prefer: DLP, LCD, laser, full HD, 4K, etc.)
- I am HIFI music through two bespoke “natural music” loudspeakers. All the electronic components are chosen among the best on the market and are covered by international guarantees
- I have lights that create your cinema effect, controlled by home automation
- My brain is Control4 home automation. I can control your home lights, your comfort, your safety. I am integrable with your smart home. You can handle me with a smartphone, a tablet or a single remote control.
- I can play Apple TV, blue-ray, PlayStation, TV decoder and much more!
- I use wi-fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay: you can watch your tablet on my 120” screen.
- I can help you in your conference room or in your office: with a special screen like DNP SCREENS, you can see perfectly also with daylight.